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I need some help !
You probably don’t have Java on your computer. Go to to download and install the latest version of Java (it’s free).
The chat window opens, but the applet doesn’t load, so nothing happens ! :
It is highly possible that Java is not installed on your computer. To log in to the chatroom, please read the following instructions :

1. Verify that java is installed and activated on your computer :

- To verify that you have Java installed on your computer and that it is activated, run a test on this site.

- If under the paragraph “method 1: ask java,” you don’t see a pink box displaying the version of Java used by your web browser, you will have to either download and install the free Java software from the Sun site (if it’s not on your computer), or you will have to activate it, using the options available in your browser if it has been deactivated (how to activate Java?).

2. Close all opened windows of your internet browser

3. Open your browser and go to

4. Enter your nickname (without accents or spaces) and click on "Chat!".The chat window will open.

5. It is important not to minimize the pop-up window while waiting for Java to load, and to wait for the message for permission to install the chat. This could take a minute. When it appears, click "OUI/YES" (Microsoft virtual machine) or "TOUJOURS/ALWAYS" (Sun virtual machine).

6. The chat will then load. This could take another minute.

7. And, there you go! Now you can come and chat online in the chatroom of!

We recommend that you use Java, since it is easier to use and is perfectly adapted to the server. However, you can also choose to connect by a classic IRC client.
The applet loads, but I am having some problems :
If you are having problems with Java, or you cannot use Java on your computer, you can also join the chatroom by using a classic IRC client, like MIRC.

Connect to, and type the following command: /join #FrenchChat. Or, you can click directly on this link.

For reasons beyond our control, access to the chat via IRC clients is restricted. By following the directions below, you will be able to access the chat using your IRC client.
How can I log in to the chatroom with an IRC client such as Mirc? :
To log in to the chatroom with an IRC client such as Mirc, please follow the steps below :
  1. Log in to's chatroom using the java applet first.
  2. Once in the chatroom, register your nickname (double click on your nickname in the list of chatroom members. Type a password and click on Register. Fill in the required fields.)
  3. Once your nickname is registered, go to 's contact page, and send us a message to be granted IRC access. Please remember to mention your nickname in the message, as well as a valid e-mail address.
  4. On reception of your message , we will add you to the IRC access list and send you a confirmation e-mail. You will then be able to log in to the chatroom with your IRC client (server : using your registered nickname.

We recommend that you immediately register your nickname. You will have the security of knowing that it belongs to you and that nobody else will be able to use it when you’re not there.
I want to register my nickname :
There are two ways to register your nickname :
  1. If you are connected to the chatroom by Java, double click on your nickname in the list of chatroom members. Type a password and click on Register. Fill in the required fields.
  2. Experienced users: whatever your client, type this command:
    /SERVICES REGISTER MyNickname MyPassword.

If you are using your own computer, we recommend that you fill in all the fields (your nickname and your password) on and check the box “remember me" before you connect to the chatroom. Next time, you will be directly connected to the chatroom !
I typed the wrong nickname. How can I change it ? :
To change your nickname when you are already connected to the chatroom, type the following command: /Nick MyNickname

If the nickname is protected by a password, you must then enter the command: /PASS MyPassword.

If you’re in the chatroom, it’s to talk, right? ;-)
I am busy for a while. How can I indicate that I’m “busy”? :
If you are temporarily busy and you want to indicate your absence to the others, type the following command: /AWAY Text (for example, /AWAY busy).

To indicate your return to the chatroom, simply type the command /AWAY.